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How it Works

Below, you will find our simple, step-by-step guide on the way we are able to work with our clients who opt for the complete service. These steps below are provided as a guide for an immigration application- reconsiderations / appeals are broadly similar, but a few more steps ...  Since we have digitised a substantial amount of our back-end office, there is seldom a need for clients to take time away from other commitments to come see us.  This has saved clients time and monies.  

Tell us your story...


Say hello!

Give us a call (0161 425 0662) or send us an email ( and let us know your situation.  We can then discuss your immigration matters and whether we can provide assistance.  If we are unable to help, we will try to sign-post you to another organisation. 


Let's have a chat!

If we are able to help, we will contact you to discuss the merits and any adverse matters which may affect your application with a fully qualified case worker.  You may be invoiced for this consultation, but if you agree for us to act in the whole application, this fee will go towards the total agreed cost. 



Once we have agreed instructions to handle your matters, we will email you our standard terms of authority letter.  This details your instructions and importantly, the expected costs for ours and any foreseeable third party's charges.  This document will also detail how we will act in your instructions and service standards. 

Let's work together!


Send Documents / files

After we have grasped your immigration history and assessed your qualifications to an intended application, we will send you a list of documents we require.  You can either send the physical documents to us, or serve these to us: Wechat/ Whatsapp / Dropbox / Google Drive etc.  We can also receive files directly to our servers.


Getting it ready

We will complete your application form and organise your supporting documents into correlating files, in a manner which is easily comprehensible to the relevant official, overseeing your application. You will be afforded time to check them over and to provide us with feedback.  We will guide you through the payment of application process. 


The important parts

Once you are happy with the form and how we organised your files, we will be on-hand to guide you through the payment and submitting your application process and to book a biometric appointment (where necessary).  We will also begin preparations for uploading of your supporting files to the appropriate online servers, ready for assessment by the relevant authority.

Crossing the finishing line... 


Thank you!

Once the above steps are complete, we will issue you for the balance of the agreed fees (minus the initial consultation fee). Is it important to note, that our complete package INCLUDES the SCANNING, ORGANISING and UPLOAD of your supporting document files, so there should be no unexpected further costs and confusion at the biometrics enrolment appointment, as some migrants experience language barriers to communicating their wishes to biometric centre's staffs!


Biometrics appointment

This is a required step in some applications (others require the use of a mobile phone app, which we will guide you through). You will be sent your biometric enrolment appointment letter, guiding you to attend and complete this stage.  Once you have provided your biometrics, all you have to do is to wait for a decision!  We will advise you of the current waiting times, as published by the Home Office, unless you have opted for super-priority service (where available). 



We will manage your matters in the time it takes the Home Office to reach a decision.  They will serve their decision to us, and we will always aim to communicate this to you within 24 hours of receipt.  We will provide you with a de-brief on the outcomes of their decision, together with any recommendations for future applications or recourse to any negative outcomes, where we identify these.  New Biometric Residence Permits are sent directly to your home by a courier soon after any positive decision outcomes. 

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